Saturday, February 10, 2018

Some observations;

Watched the joint meeting with Phillipston. To this observer it was obvious that Phillipston has 1. NO lead in its water or any other chemical that makes one stupid. 2.They have engaged and observant residents who ask the best questions 3. Have Selectmen that use their position to advocate for their residents. 4. Have no desire to open their well managed finances to dig out Templeton's poor decisions ( as they shouldn’t ) . 5. I really like Phillipston

After reading the above, my opinion is the Town of Phillipston ride Templeton taxpayers like a rented mule.

Look at dispatch service, Templeton taxpayers pay at a minimum of $340,000.00 for dispatch, while Phillipston pays in the $60,000.00 range for the exact same service. A smart move, which begs the question, if it works so well for Phillipston, why would it not work for Templeton? Write one check without the other expenses, building maintenance, labor contracts, health insurance and retirement to name a few. Again, it works for one Town so why not the other? If Phillipston manages their finance so well, perhaps Templeton should follow suit, as in compare or look at another Town? 

The senior center/ community center is another Templeton taxpayer entity that Phillipston is using without funding part of it, to the best of my knowledge, that question never went to Phillipston Town Meeting. Why would it if you can get the milk free without buying a cow?

Phillipston also has few full time employees, they use Templeton Town accountant on a part time basis. Perhaps they do not have people running for selectmen that put out signs like "save dispatch" when trying to get elected or re-elected, as in looking out for one self rather than the finances of Templeton taxpayers. That save dispatch sign use to be on Haey Brooks face book page but I could not say if it is there any longer. 

When selectmen go to Town meeting and are very obvious about trying to shut down discussion on any subject, my thought is those selectmen need to go! You may wish to watch the police station project closely, if you wish to be an engaged, observant resident.


  1. Project: Renovation/Addition an existing building at 33 South Road,
    Templeton MA. 01468

    Estimated Project Cost: $2,133,200.00

    Existing Facility: (+/- 2,400 sq. ft.) 33 South Road, Templeton MA.

    Time Frame: OPM Services to start on or before 2/15/2018

    Building construction: Commence Construction Spring/Summer 2018
    Square Feet: 6,400 (+/-) square fee

    My concern is the "Time Frame" Who is paying for this OPM starting 2/15 since we have nothing approved. How can we hire a manager for a project that has yet to receive Town Meeting approval!!!!

  2. Another thing that should be changed is in the first paragraph of the OPM request. It appears that paragraph was copy/paste from Mendon!

  3. Hello, you may get your wish.. Phillipston may not open ups its purse and dish out $60,000 to Templeton. As Phillipston is shopping around as we speak ( per selectmen of Phillipston ) So that’s great ! Templeton can fund it all on its own then. New building and all ! Ya, I watched the meeting and like the first poster said - Phillipston residents and members of the board had great questions, were engaged in the process and will not be taken for fools.

  4. PS . Your comments Mr Bennet are rude and show how small of a person one can be. The senior center ? Really ? Then blame Phillipston for what exactly ? Having fewer residents thereby fewer town employees and overhead ? You hold a position as Finacial board and those comments do 0.00 to strengthen relations with our neighbors many of whom grew up with Templeton people. Jesus, what is wrong with Templeton ?


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