Sunday, January 21, 2018

from the schedule of the annual Massachusetts Municipal Association;

4. Inspire Engagement With a Citizens Academy
Room 205, 2nd floor, Hynes Convention Center
Presented by the Massachusetts Municipal Management Association

Citizen academies have become more popular as local officials look for ways to get citizens more involved, whether through volunteer boards and commissions or otherwise, and residents seek to learn more about the day-to-day operations of municipal government. These educational sessions give citizens an overview of all aspects of city or town government, whether in a one-day workshop or a series of sessions. Learn how a successful academy can serve as an entry point for board and committee volunteers, promote two-way dialogue between staff and residents, and deepen public knowledge and understanding of how local government operates.
Peter Lombardi is the town administrator in Wenham.
Carl Valente is the town manager in Lexington.
Tom Hutcheson is the town administrator in Conway

How about we inspire them with an attentive, always present Board of Selectmen, as in five, the number elected by the people, to be for the people. How about these same five selectmen allow people to speak, question and discuss when the people who elect them have questions or concerns about something. Something such as an already voted article at Town Meeting, but later hear some things that they wish to have clarified. How about these selectmen sit on the stage and let that happen without going all out to try and stop debate.

Perhaps they will acquire some new ways to put a spin on things from this forum.

from the schedule for this weeks annual Massachusetts Municipal Association meeting;

Lets hope one of the Templeton selectmen attended this!

5. Not Just for Accountants: Know Your Chart of Accounts
Room 208, 2nd floor, Hynes Convention Center
Presented by the Massachusetts Government Finance Officers Association

The chart of accounts is the backbone of municipal finance. It organizes a city or town’s financial books, including revenue, expense and fund balance accounts. The chart of accounts is not just an issue for your accountant; it’s used by town and school officials, outside auditors and the state. Learn why a user-friendly, well-constructed chart of accounts makes municipal and school finances more transparent and easier to manage. This workshop will also cover best practices in setting up and using a chart of accounts, how it can lose its effectiveness over time, and why a municipality might want to replace its current chart of accounts with a more effective one.
Maryellen Dunn is the deputy superintendent for administration and finance in Brookline.
Wendy Nightingale is the finance director in Easton.
Hannah York is a certified public accountant and manager at CliftonLarsonAllen in Lexington.
Sandy Pooler is the deputy town manager in Arlington.