Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Narragansett school district project - propane heat and wood chip system.

Who inspected the removal of oil fired boilers at the district school, NRHS? Who sign the permits, if indeed any were obtained? Who did the inspections for plumbing, gas and electrical for the installation of propane heating at the district school? Who paid for and who did the inspections fro the wood chip boiler?

So, when the town of Athol built a new elementary school, using MSBA, who paid for the inspections of that project? Since the selectmen stated it was against statute for the district to pay the town for these inspections, who paid for them? Are these inspection fees reimbursable from MSBA?

Remember, there is a revolving fund for inspection services and while there is a spending limit set (I believe it is $7,500.00) there seems to be a provision that it can be increased by selectmen and Advisory Committee.

Honesty and transparency in government - not in Templeton! (my opinion)

Follow the money - the town can only borrow so much and it has multiple projects, police station, sewer pump station, school, and it can barely borrow the amount to move along on these projects, especially the school. I do not say this, the selectmen say this via a part time town administrator.

Since so few showed up for town meeting, perhaps people do not care how their money is spent or saved?