Wednesday, August 16, 2017

all material on this blog is directed to members of the general public and is not intended to be read by my fellow Committee members, nor do I intend for any readers to convey such material directly or indirectly to my fellow Committee members.

Having just watched the meeting of the Templeton Board of Selectmen for August 14, 2017, it is apparent the selectmen had a conflict of whether to proceed forward with the supposed open meeting law violations of the Templeton Advisory Committee. The three present members of the board voted to not appeal or send anything to the division of open government concerning their two complaints filed with the Advisory Committee. It is apparent there will be no resignations, there will be no removal or big changes at or on the Advisory Committee, at least until some appointed terms are up. With davey smart in attendance, I look forward to his big blog post about all the action the division of open government will take against members of the Advisory Committee. I will be filing an open meeting law complaint against the board of selectmen for the posting of their meeting of July 31, 2017 as well as the elementary school building committee for their posting or lack there of for their last meeting. They will be filed according to the instructions on the complaint document and in the time frame specified. That would be following simple directions, as most adults can do. I hope they enjoy the read.

Opinions expressed are those of Jeff Bennett and do not represent any other member of the Advisory Committee