Friday, August 18, 2017

You all should read Brian Tanguay's face book page, he is the man who does alot of work for the Templeton historical building, as in the Historical society (Narragansett Historical Society) It seems he cannot get anyone from Town Hall to show up or be there to do a job. A grant check is needed to pay a contractor for work completed. No selectmen can be bothered to come in and sign it and the interim town administrator apparently takes any day off he chooses (for about $1200.00 a week) of your money. These are your selectmen serving you - NOT! They may all be away at retreat discussing how they can screw with the Advisory Committee some more, as in wasting more time on nothing!

This is a guy who gives quite a bit of his time working on preserving Templeton's history and supports alot of town things. Below pretty much paints the picture; young sheriff justice and his posse are alot of talk and no walk. (in my opinion)

from Brian's face book:

Brian Tanguay Maybe they will come in on their day off and sign the warrant. Now that would be public service at it's finest.
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9 hrs
Brian Tanguay We all need to apologise to Bill Harris for stringing him along. Thinking he was going to get his deposit on last Thursday, then this Thursday, now next week. Not cool at all to do that to him. I just hope the next payment goes out promptly. That money has been sitting there waiting for no reason for over 3 years now.