Wednesday, July 25, 2018

With regards to any possible legal action involving the town administrator, I would assume any action involving MCAD as well:

from the town administrator contract on the town web site:

Section 6. Indemnification & Litigation

The Town shall defend, save, harmless and indemnify, without limitation, the Town Administrator against any tort, professional liability, claim or demand, or other legal action, whether groundless or otherwise, arising out of an alleged act or omission occurring in the performance of his / her duties as Town Administrator, even if said claim is brought/filed following his termination from employment.
The Town (and/or its insurer) shall pay the amount of any settlement or judgement rendered thereon, and further, the Town (and/or its insurer) may compromise and settle any such claim or suit and pay the amount of any settlement or judgement rendered thereon without recourse to the Town Administrator.

In connection with those claims or suits involving the Town Administrator in his professional capacity and covered under section 1 above, the Town at its sole option, shall either retain and pay for an attorney to represent the Town Administrator (including all fees and costs) or reimburse the Town Administrator for any attorney's fees and costs incurred by the Town Administrator in connection with same, providing the Town Administrator submits proper invoices and evidence of payment of same.