Thursday, May 18, 2017

Highlights for today;

According to the latest budget versus actual - expenditures, there are several funds/accounts over spent - that is they show up as in deficit. My thought is that those things should be caught by both a department head and the accountant and the accountant should not let things be paid that will result in a deficit. I believe it is in the law or the guidelines for a Town accountant.

Another highlight is the salary fund/account for Templeton dispatch - on the expenditure side, it shows a balance left of $6,933.19 left for the year. I hope that is enough to pay the employees through the end of the fiscal year June 30, 2017.

A post here under the name anonymous is signed  " and thank you for all you do". That is the line at the end of every email I have ever seen and or received from Anne Gobi - Thanks for all you do.

Lets just say I do not believe in coincidences but perhaps someone has taken her line?

At last nights Advisory Committee meeting, there was a surprise attendee, newest selectmen Cameron Fortes. Wish he would have stayed until the meeting ended as there were a couple questions that he may have been able to answer. One thing he did comment on was that apparently the treasure/collector Kate Meyers is on some sort of administrative leave - as in home and getting paid with an option on the table to resign or not. Probably be July before the Town knows for sure.

posted by Jeff Bennett