Friday, July 14, 2017

for those who may be reading challenged or, the meeting minutes posted are from the June 21, 2017 meeting and not July 12 meeting, since there was no OML documents on agenda, that subject was not discussed and why would it have been? It was not on the agenda, unlike BOS, Advisory does not have a secretary changing the agenda during the meeting!

If anyone is interested, look at the Templeton annual town reports fro 2005, 2006 and 2007. You will find Doug Morrison listed as chairman of Advisory Committee (you may see it improperly listed as Advisory Board) In 2005, the committee report is 3 pages in length, 2006 and 2007, the report is 2 pages in length. Included in those reports; activity of the Town's reserve fund, as in an accounting of taxpayer monies. So why would any selectmen state that a committee they served on had only one page reports in the Annual Town report, something that is easily checked. Perhaps selectmen thought no one would take the time, well, someone did take the time and the only one page statement is a lie. Intentional or not, it was untrue.

Note: On the Templeton Town website, there is an item concerning the swearing in of newly or reappointed individuals from the June 29, 2017 selectmen meeting for various positions and committees. One item, the veterans service agent is listed as John Caplis. I believe there was a woman appointed that evening as Veterans service agent. Ooops! If you check the town web site, under veterans services, you will find Jessica Butts as the new veterans service agent.

As for that resignation suggestion, the answer is still the same, with regards to me resigning from Advisory - pound sand! No, not happening.

posted by Jeff Bennett