Friday, June 30, 2017

As One of the administrators of this blog i feel it's time to only allow posts that are of a civil nature without name calling and insults from the people who post comments.
The past comments and also some blog posts have shown to be from hast and will be no longer tolerated.
As my uncle Pauly said to me shut it down if it is not what you think it should be.
Please read it but comments will be restricted if allowed at all.
A total shut down of this blog will be done if it is whats best for Templeton.
Thank you!

After Davey apparently removed a comment from a blog, he posted the above comment, so watch how he responds here.
I wonder if Davey will practice what he seems to be preaching? 

posted by Jeff Bennett
So if you check out some history, the Massachusetts Attorney General approved members of the Advisory Board/Committee as "special municipal employees" whatever the intention of that was and if that has never been rescinded, well, I may have to investigate using my MCAD (Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination) training to good use. Being over 45 (60 yrs old) being a Veteran, I am feeling I am being picked on by our BOS (along with trying to limit my free speech rights and to deny the publication of public information) I will have to look down that road.

Unlike someone else, I will not shut this blog down because someone does not like it. No political buy off here. No freebies buy off here, no "be a good little employee" here. The publication of material having to do with our government and the right to criticize that government in many ways is too important. I would hope someone who is serving Templeton by way of an elected position would understand and remember that as they may read a part of the United States Declaration of Independence around the 4th of July.

posted by Jeff Bennett