Monday, June 5, 2017

Slow news day

TO: Board of Selectmen
FROM: Carter Terenzini, Town Administrator
RE: Administrator’s Weekly Report
DATE: June 1, 2017
CC: All Departments ______________________________________________________________________________ Important Notice To All Departments Please remember the last date to submit bills for FY ’17 will be 10 AM on Monday, July 10, 2017.

If you have capital or specialty projects in the FY ’18 budget please be prepared to talk soon about the timelines to get those out to bid. If you’re going to need vacation rollovers, provide them by June 6, 2017, to Carter with employee name, reason needed, and how many hours needed. We are seeking applicants for Veterans Services Officer, Assistant Town Accountant, Administrative Assistant I (ODS), Treasurer/Collector & Seasonal Laborer. Please encourage qualified applicants you may know to consider applying (See Web Site). The following is intended to provide information where a full memo may not have been warranted or supplement the provided information.
Business Meeting or Workshop: n/a
Weekly Report: Busy with BAN processing and miscellaneous office work. Administration & Finance
Town Accountant: Nothing to report this week. (Out of the Office)
Treasurer/Collector: Nothing to report this week.

Assessor: Short week. Tuesday worked on Motor Vehicle Abatements for people coming into the office. Worked on finding plans filed at Worcester Registry of Deeds. Took a webinar with Vadar for Databridge for upcoming preliminary billing. Adjusted property record cards for new Chapter 61 applicants for FY18.

Town Clerk: Entered board and committee information into data base. Started preparing the St. List book. Registered several people to vote via the registry of motor vehicles.

Public Works Highway Department: Worked with the Bay State roads group and established a connection for the Highway and Cemetery departments to be involved in a program called “listserve”. List serve allows us to reach out to other towns for help with questions concerning roadwork , Parks & Recreation and cemetery as well as post job opportunities. Continued sweeping, now on Dudley – Barre Road area. Pot hole patching on Royalston Rd. Grading work was done on 2 dirt roads, Cook Rd. and Haskel Rd, to smooth the surface and evaluate the roads. 2 Driveway permits were issued. Attended Chipper training in a class sponsored by Baystate Roads. The mechanic performed 3 Preventative maintenance and inspections on 1 Cruiser ,1 CD5 (Cemetery) and the Meals on Wheels vehicle. H6 (Street Sweeper) was repaired by an outside source for AC troubles.

Cemetery & Parks: Completed the preparation for Memorial Day. Assisted in one burial @ Greenlawn Cemetery. Removed trash from barrels @ Gilman-Waite, as well as all common areas and cemeteries. Adjusted Flags according to the direct given by the Governor. Addressed many fallen branches on Thursday & Friday after heavy winds. Mowed Gilman – Waite softball field, Baldwinville Common, Greenlawn Cemetery and the Senior Center. Attended Chipper training in a class sponsored by Baystate Roads. The JCB backhoe was repaired by a mobile AC company to restore the cooling.

posted by Jeff Bennett
A slow news day in Templeton

Templeton's newest selectmen has so far as I can see has failed to deliver! At a meeting of the Templeton Advisory Committee discussion came up concerning the school project and a budget versus actual (so called) and selectmen Cameron Fortes stated he had also looked into that and he had the information. He was asked if he could forward that information the the Advisory Committee and he stated he would. That was two weeks ago and no information yet. So much for the contention from the spokesperson of Templeton highway and the select board, Dave Smart (in my opinion) on how this board delivers on questions.

Also notice that at tonight's selectmen meeting, there is a topic on updating selectmen policies and procedures. Interesting to see what additions or deletions come about. Hopefully there will be a full board present tonight so they do not go against their own policies, again!

Potholes on Barre Road must be multiplying as I drove that road yesterday and saw more than a few (a few being three or more) on a road that was supposedly already had its pot holes patched. Perhaps they ran out of material or the 7 hour work day is not enough time to complete the tasks.

posted by Jeff Bennett
Some selectmen meetings now called "Workshop" meetings. This seems to imply, in my opinion, that these meetings will only involve discussion rather than action. Do not assume that, if interested in your business, please attend.

Templeton Board of Selectmen 
Workshop Meeting
Town Hall, 160 Patriots Road, East Templeton
Monday, June 5, 2017, 6:30 p.m.

1. Call the Meeting to Order

2. Scholarship Committee Guidelines

3. Cable TV License Renewal

4. Electronic & Check Policy

5. Financial Policies Manual – Table of Contents Review

6. Management Letter & Audit – Follow-Up Discussion

7. FY ’17 Budget Transfers (If Any)

8. Updating Policies & Procedures of Board of Selectmen

9. Town Service Lapel Pin & Policy

10. General Discussion

11. Potential Request for Executive Session ~ Per M.G.L. c.30A, Sec. 21.2, to conduct strategy sessions in preparation for negotiations with non-union personnel or to conduct collective bargaining sessions or contract negotiations with non-union personnel. 

12. Adjournment

The listing of Agenda items is those reasonably anticipated by the Chair which may be discussed at the meeting. Not all items listed may in fact be discussed and other items not listed may also be brought up for discussion to the extent it is permitted by law.

Scheduled By:Holly Young
Posted At:Jun 1, 2017 4:14 PM EDT
Last Modified:Jun 1, 2017 4:14 PM EDT
Minutes:Minutes are not on record with the Town Clerk's office

posted by Jeff Bennett