Saturday, December 16, 2017

Anonymous8:06 AM
State facts or shut your trap!

Comments like this start all kinds of rumours, accusations, conspiracies

Some facts about Carter Terenzini;

He had an affair with an employee under his supervision.
He failed to disclose this in an interview for a job as Administrator/Manager.
He claimed to have a degree that he did not have.
One Town where he served as Administrator had residents bring forth an article to eliminate the position of Administrator, apparently after seeing the "writing on the wall" so to speak, Terenzini left.
In Spencer, Terenzini called people who wrote about him on line and other places the "maggots of malice"

You can find newspaper articles and even quotes from selectmen in towns where he has served to verify the above.
You can also be the judge if Terenzini has changed his management style or not. You can look into how things are going at Town Hall.