Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Watching the board of selectmen workshop of January 29, 2018, I observed master Fortes state "if you do not like my actions, you can vote me out in 3 years" Actually, we do not have to wait for three years, we can throw you out sooner by way of a recall vote.

Another item talked about was ID's for town employees to include committees, boards, etc. Example given was "fortune 500 companies have ID's for security reasons" and a Templeton example was supposedly a couple members of the conservation committee were in someone's back yard and when asked who they were, they said they did not have any ID to prove that. When I was elected as a selectmen, I was given a card identifying me as a Templeton selectmen for a term of three years from here to there. As a member of other committees, I was also given a card listing the committee and term on which I had been appointed. I received this when I was sworn in by the Town Clerk. So this ID thing is not really a new concept, perhaps selectmen are going to include picture on the "new ID's"

Chairman Caplis stated "I was always taught that if I could make my bed, I could make it through the day" Guess I will not be making it through this day as I do not make my bed daily anymore, had to do that enough in the USMC and I am not there any longer. Perhaps selectmen should take baby steps first, such as show up for meetings, then think about ID's. Next, we could have a Town website where all of the Town's boards, committees, commissions etc. are listed with up to date membership. As for the cost of producing new ID's, I guess they can be paid for out of the meals tax or that talked about prop 2 1/2 override? Yeah, Templeton taxpayers give the selectmen more of your money!

Back to the first item, there was also discussion about limiting your access to speak or to be heard at selectmen meetings. Master Fortes, stated this could still be up to the Chairman of the select board, depending on if there is a weak chair or a strong chair. So, what exactly is a weak chairman? One who lets people speak? The point of this discussion seem to focus on making selectmen's meeting more efficient (more focused and faster, so they can get out of there even quicker, if they even show up) So there you have it, make the meetings easier, faster, less participation of citizens and every one have your papers in order!

I am looking forward to the police station remodeling coming before Town Meeting for the third time (?) this spring.