Saturday, March 3, 2018

Some thing to keep in mind when looking at a school district budget, which includes the number of teachers, teacher aids and even guidance counselors.

The Inter-District School Choice Program
The inter-district school choice program allows a parent to enroll his or her child in a school district that is not the child's home district. Because of space limitations, not all school districts accept out-of-district students under this program. Every year the school committee in each school district decides whether it will accept new enrollments under this program and, if so, in what grades. The school district profiles page on the Department's website shows, for each district, whether they are accepting school choice students.
If you are interested in having your child attend school in another district under this program and that district is accepting students, you should contact the superintendent's office in the district in which you want to enroll your child. It is advisable to contact districts in advance, generally during the winter or spring prior to the year in which you want to enroll your child. Districts generally require the submission of an application. If more students apply than there are spaces available, the district will hold a lottery to select which students will be admitted. If a district has fewer applicants than it has seats for school choice students, it may choose to accept students at any time during the school year. A sibling of a child currently attending school in another district under school choice will receive preference in the admissions lottery.
Your home district does not have to approve your child's application for admission to another district. Your child is eligible to apply for the school choice program in another district even if your home district is not accepting enrollment through school choice.
Once your child is accepted into another district under school choice, he or she is entitled to attend that district's schools until high school graduation. You do not have to reapply each year.
Transportation is not provided for students attending another school district under this program. You are responsible for getting your child to and from the school.
For additional general information about the inter-district school choice program, contact the Department's.

So, how much does Narragansett Regional School District report they spend educating each student; the pupil cost?

How much does the district receive for each out of district student (school choice students)

If you receive say $5,000.00 from the state for each student of school choice but you report spending say $11,000.00 per student to educate them, how does it make economical sense to participate in accepting students from school choice, which seems to be up to the school committee. Does accepting students from outside the district equate to having larger numbers of students in the class room? Does accepting students from outside the district have an effect on the number of teachers and teacher aids (para-professionals) required to be hired, which in turns adds to the cost of operating the district, which can cause increases to Towns school assessment charges - tax payer dollars.