Sunday, July 16, 2017

Not one Question from the Speculator in chief Mr. Jeff Bennett

TEMPLETON — Paul H. Cosentino Sr, 77, of  364 Patriots Rd, Templeton, died peacefully on July 9, 2014 in his residence after a long illness. 

So how does a deceased person post anything on his blog after his death?
The following should explain it:
thats for you do!
A simple email to show who you are and not some person looking to cause problems for this blog.
Mike you also need to contact me please.
You are not on file under Mike to coment.
As administrator i need valid emails to contact all who comment.
Those who don't are believed to have multi nic names to cause trouble.
So if not just send em now boys!

So as the above shows, the conclusion is little davey is in charge over at Pauly's Templeton Watch blog and is responsible for its content and postings. Responsible, as in perhaps not the actual writer, but responsible. (in my opinion anyways)

Truth be told, I do not know who does what nor who posts what on davey's blog, it all seems to be posted under Paul Cosentino sr., who we can see died in 2014. We can also see who is in charge over there. 

You can look at the following posts from my blog, which I started after little davey said I had to get "in line" or there would be one less administrator on this blog." Since I do not do ultimatums and threats well, I started this blog, based on a printed item I occasionally published under Templeton Watch. Copies could be found down at Pauly's garage.
So  not to confuse anyone with the facts, I started this blog in part because little davey does not tell me what to write or say. Too much time and space wasted on little davey so enjoy this and to all comment posters, just ignore little davey, he is a little obtuse sometimes:  
Obtuse, which comes to us from the Latin word obtusus, meaning "dull" or "blunt," can describe an angle that is not acute or a person who is mentally "dull" or slow of mind.

as always, this has been posted by Jeff Bennett

Again, I started this blog because little davey does not dictate anything to me.

Friday, September 25, 2015

Just for GP, a few years back, shortly after Pauly started his blog, I did a printed paper titled Templeton Watch so I decided to take it online. I may in the future do a printed version again.

Jeff Bennett
Ultimatums, demands and blackmail

I do not go to the corner nor do I go to time out, I have other options and I will use them. I think I will borrow a phrase from a good friend, "I am speaking"

Jeff Bennett
Jeff Bennett has started this blog because I feel not all things are being done correctly in Templeton, MA. This will be an editorial type blog and will include information on the goings on in Templeton Government.

Jeff Bennett
Looking at the Templeton Town website and you may notice a few odd bits of information, if you can find them. First, selectmen seem to still be ignoring their own policies and procedures. The ones created and voted on by the Board of Selectmen and no one else! I hope everyone understands that, SELECTMEN policies and procedures that were created and voted on by the Selectmen and NO ONE ELSE. There is suppose to be a report from the Town Administrator at selectmen meetings. This is another item having been left off the agenda for quite a while. Which begs the question of why have written policies if no one is following them?

Second, under the swearing in and picture IDs for new appointments, it shows John Caplis as veterans service agent with term ending on June 30, 2018. Voted on June 29, 2017. Under Veterans Service Agent on Templeton web site, it shows a different Veteran Service agent, Jessica Butts. So, just who is the Templeton Veterans Service agent? If I am new to Templeton, just who in the  hell am I suppose to call about Veterans services?

On a last note, if selectmen Brooks wants name calling to stop, perhaps she should call one of those amazing town employees, davey smart ,and tell him to stop putting the "liars club" on his blog! That would be a town employee calling the selectmen liars and I seem to remember another Town employee who had to apologize to the selectmen for calling them a name at a meeting. I have been told some selectmen wanted that employee fired. So lets see how the selectmen handle davey smart for calling them "the liars club" Remember, you have to let davey know who you are to comment on his blog, so he must control it and that makes him responsible, just as the selectmen are responsible for the actions of the town administrator. Smart has stated on more than one occasion that he controls that blog and only people who identify themselves may comment on his blog, so lets see how the selectmen handle that one. Again, if davey states negative comments will not be allowed, why does he not remove the liars club reference?

posted by Jeff Bennett

TO: Board of Selectmen
FROM: Carter Terenzini, Town Administrator
RE: Administrator’s Weekly Report
DATE: July 13, 2017
CC: All Departments

Weekly Report: I’ve reviewed the updated cherry sheet revenue and offset figures which are in the final state budget. They are in line with our revenue projections (i.e. $794 below the projections we used or .048% less than House 1 on a base of $1.65 million.) w/Respect to FY ’18, we now have $75k in the Ambulance Receipts reserved for appropriation of the $100k that we need for the Fall Town Meeting. The July receipts will provide us with the balance of what we need. I will warn you that this cycle of making a supplemental appropriation of these receipts at the Fall Town Meeting is what you will need to follow each year for the next few as you build this account up to where it has true reserves. The Advisory Committee approved the two transfer requests (Legal Counsel and Snow & Ice) so we were able to close those accounts out w/out deficit. w/Respect to FY ’17, otherwise we are on track to close the FY on schedule and continue on with our plan as per the Gant chart supplied to you. Likewise, the school project remains on track as we described to you on 06/29. I have now received the PD construction timeline and will send you an updated Gant chart once I’ve been able to review this submission and plug it in. Letters have gone out to all of our unsuccessful applicants for the several positions recently filled. They were advised that their applications will remain on file for 6 months from the closing date in case something for which they are suited comes up. The new town domain email for the Advisory Committee has been established as We have informed them and asked them to use it in all official communications. Other non-town emails will be swung over in the coming few weeks. The special financial report will be going to the printer next week.

I hope the Town Administrator and selectmen realize there are approximately 2000 emails contained in the Advisory Committee existing email account that need to be saved and stored somewhere, as they are public records and contain record of town business.

posted by Jeff Bennett