Thursday, April 27, 2017

To Bob M.

If you go to the Templeton Town website, click on boards and committees then board of selectmen, click town policies then board of selectmen policies and procedures.

Read through them and see what you think, that is one thing I put together and brought to the board of selectmen for consideration. I believe they were the first local guidelines for present and future selectmen to follow. There are guidelines for how and who puts the meeting agenda together, how meetings will run, time line for meeting length, how items brought up at a meeting will be dealt with and so on. That was something I thought would help the town and it's elected representatives on the select board. You see, screwing with smart is easy and only takes about ten minutes of my online time. You notice that when he makes a statement such as "the light PILOT was first lost on jeffy's watch" is proven untrue, smart deflects and goes on another rant. It is fine when he rants about Templeton light but if anyone talks about highway, such as the labor contract, he goes off. It is too easy to rile smart and it is a bit of enjoyment for me to do so. He continually takes from the town while I try to give back.
 Thanks for reading here.

posted by Jeff Bennett
Templeton Town elections; Support and elect Diane Brooks and Julie Farrell. I feel right now, the most important thing for the select board would be experience and experience comes from doing rather than theory. While we may disagree on some things, I feel there could be a good working relationship between the select board and the Advisory Committee which will be good for the Town. agree to disagree on things but remember the big picture, THE ENTIRE TOWN and I feel those two candidates fit better, right now rather than an unknown. It is my opinion that in order to progress, you must know and understand the mistakes of the past and I believe those two candidates fit into what Templeton needs now and for the next three to five years. (if elected, do not get to comfy, as I am not going anywhere, no matter where I sit!)

posted by Jeff Bennett
Nice Job JEFFY the point and one you have proven all by yourself is the reason and I Quote "We don't want to give a pilot because the Board of Selectman can't run the town." With the missing 500k on your watch and with the money we give them who can trust it will be put to good use. Why waste it like we have over the years.
Where is the 500k people would ask.We will do a road project instead.
What we got was a light bill paid at their cost. That's it.
Your boss at the time KENNY R. told dana at town meeting we wouldn't pay the light bill because the town didn't have it to pay them. Most town employees were put on furlough and sent home for 7+ weeks. As a Team player i volunteered to work at town hall and did what i could for the town.
Many people asked me why go volunteer after they lay you off?
It's still my town weather i work for it or not.
I would have thought many more would step up to help but it seem the core of the people who care step up while others are content to watch.
I thank all who helped even you jeff when we took a tarp up to cover the bad roof with Wil and his friend to keep the building from the disaster it would have been.

smart, wrong .....AGAIN!
If Kenny R is referencing Ken Robinson, former member of the select board, he was never my boss, he was yours but never my boss, never was, never will be!

Missing $500 thousand dollars????  Never seen that, never heard of missing money, so smart is wrong again!
smart may wish to speak with Wil Spring on that but as stated at public meetings, the 500 thousand was the result of numbers in the wrong places, left off information, wrong amounts used, as in ambulance receipts listed on revenue side but not on expense side as required.Also, some warrant articles where money was involved that were not counted. 

If smart is following any highway employees to their homes, smart may wish to stop following town employees home and stop causing trouble in the department he works in, thought he was a big union rep who looks out for employees?? again, if he is following employees to their homes and other things like that, he may wish to stay in his lane and be a good little town employee and bow to the board of selectmen, for they are the ones that give you all your freebies. Again, smart is wrong.

posted by Jeff Bennett
2 more meetings left to do!