Thursday, June 29, 2017

The electronic machine must be back up and running because Advisory just received a budget versus actual via email! A request for financial transfers to pay the snow and ice deficit (charge card) in the amount of $131,800.00.

Reasons given for this large deficit are three factors: an extremely harsh winter, the expense of making winter sand while not planning for it in the fiscal year 2017 budget and excessive repairs on aging equipment.

(Hey, I traded in my 1991 plow truck for a 1997 truck, I am moving on up!)

Seriously, how does a highway department not plan for having sand for the winter time if that is the medium you want to use? We must remember the truck bought out of the snow and ice fund which added to the deficit.

The money will come from various funds

Town administrator salary
$   1775.00
Advisory Committee reserve
$ 36,000.00
Conservation committee assistant
$   1,500.00
Town vehicle fuel
$ 12,500.00
Fire/EMS salaries
$ 17,500.00
Police salaries
$ 45,000.00
Cemetery superintendent salary
$   7,525.00
Veterans agent salary
$  10,000.00

Total for all transfers

A note here: It is NOT the Advisory Committee reserve fund, it is the TOWN'S reserve fund and it helps with borrowing!

posted by Jeff Bennett (I never post as anonymous)

I hope the posting of this important public information does not offend anyone, and if it does, oh well.
The take away from the meeting last night with members of BOA/DLS is there is no need for Templeton to be spending 10 thousand dollars (or any amount) on the Collins institute or other entity because the Division of Local services already offers services for free. They are paid for already through state taxes. So if Templeton wishes to save some money, use the state agencies, who stated they are willing, able and available to selectmen (and others) to provide help, assistance and training.

posted by Jeff Bennett