Sunday, June 18, 2017

At the last selectmen meeting, there was a candidate for the Templeton Town Administrator position, back for a third time. None of the selectmen present left for conflict of interest reasons and the interview was recorded. There was also discussion concerning rolling over vacation time and the discussion centered around 8 individuals. Apparently 6 of those met some sort of policy requirement and two did not. During the discussion, some things posed by the selectmen and the town administrator were "they did this for us" and "we do not want to lose long time employees" and other things said as if to show concern for the town employees.

As I sat there, I wondered what happened to that care when it came to long time town employee Bud Chase, former highway superintendent. Did not seem there was much concern for his years of service, no matter where you stood with regards to thoughts on that employee. Where was the concern? Apparently that concern may be like the rules and such, some show but not much go, in my opinion.

There was mention of legal budget perhaps being short and needing a transfer, which will likely be in front of the Advisory Committee at their next meeting. There was a point made about legal costs, that there was no plan to have Town Counsel at Town Meeting until concerns of the Moderator were aired and then a candidate for employment may be filing suit against the Town.

Selectmen still making moves, moving funds around, doing this and that stating in an effort to reduce costs, all the while using a revenue number (dollar figure) that is unrealistic. If the school project begins this year, sometime, then in a year or two, perhaps three, we may see the need for some real financial creativity. Which may turn out to be a few more cups to move the pea around. Since policy and budget is the realm of the selectmen, that should be interesting.

posted by Jeff Bennett