Sunday, September 10, 2017

Templeton citizen submits 106 pages to the chairman of the board of selectmen detailing the failures to follow the Templeton Town by-laws and Massachusetts General laws. Those pages were sent back on October 30, 2016. A receipt shows delivered /accepted on November 3, 2016. To date, no response from the person those 106 pages were addressed to; Chairman John Caplis. Almost a year and nothing. I believe that pretty much says it all, the selectmen have no regard for the citizenry of Templeton.

The "package" detailed the lack of financial information, the failure to follow Town by-laws and state law. The selectmen ignore the resident and demonstrate their continued path of failing to listen and respond when residents come calling. That report to effort and time, but the chairman of the board of selectmen responds with nothing. Just like his name calling buddy who seems to have his finger stuck on the repeat key for "LMAO 2 funny seriously" dave smart. No logical explanation, no facts, no material, no case for why things remain the same; nothing but the sound of silence.

The resident who attended an Advisory Committee meeting has seen the budget versus actual and the lack of detail and transparency.

The selectmen meet and talk but nothing changes, dave smart drives around in a Town Vehicle and those two items are like a toilet with the flush handle stuck. The water in the bowl goes round and round butt nothing else happens.

In the Gardner News, there is an article with selectmen Fortes talking about creative accounting and finance. I thought the Town was going to do things correctly moving forward rather than continue with the creative accounting. Same old same old, just like dave smart driving around in a Town truck and the water in the bowl going round and round.

I wonder how the Town's Bond Rating is coming? I wonder how much of the Town vehicle fuel fund will be used to cover other expenses and how much will be used on fuel?

Remember being told that after the audits, the Town will have and does now have "good clean numbers"? Why do the numbers on the budget versus actual keep changing with the same old line of "adjusting entries per the auditors", well what happened to those "good clean numbers"

Where is the promised by July 1st financial addendum to the annual Town report with the Treasurer's and accountants report as well as the updated report of the Advisory Committee?

Nothing but the sound of silence.
i think we were broke about 2 months ago bev.
Couldn't get the ac to meet to do transfers or share the pie they had.
  1. Dave smart - wrong!
  2. Advisory Committee handled every financial transfer (s) that came before them. Some transfer action took two meetings in part because the Town Administrator and selectmen FAILED to provide proper documentation. In fact, it was Advisory Committee members work that discovered and forwarded to the town accountant that the balance of the town vehicle fuel fund was off by $3,000.00 dollars. Oops!
  3. If the pie that smart uses is a reference to the Templeton town reserve fund, that is under control of Advisory or finance committee per Massachusetts General Law. If he does not like that, contact your state legislature. The are rules and laws that govern how and what it can be used for. It is also not the Advisory Committee fund, it belongs to the town and is voted on at town meeting, as to how much will be put into that fund.
Dave smart - wrong again!