Monday, April 17, 2017

From a non free speech blog run by JEFFY been it

Apparently someone has this blog confused with constitutional issues, and I suppose the person (s) would say an open public meeting is a violation of free speech since anyone (most of the time) is able to attend an open public meeting but you have no right to speak unless the chairman allows it, so is that non-free speech. Oh, I turned off the comments allowed thingy for now.

Actually, this blog is an exercise in free speech and anyone is able to create their own and post their thoughts and opinions, it is not the mouth piece of any board, committee or otherwise. 

Now, in the fiscal year 2018 spending plan book, it has listed as major cost increases:

NRHS -                              $380,000.00
Health Insurance -               $75,000.00 (+/-)
Union/non-union COLAs - $50,000.00 (+/-)
Debt on 252                         $90.000.00 (+/-)
TA equity raise -                  $30,000.00
Legal consulting for MS-4   $17,500.00

On top of those increases, the town will lose general fund revenue from inspections of plumbing, gas and electrical because those funds will now go into a revolving account.

There were drops in costs for monty tech, retiree health cost, reorganization of DPW and that is probably a wait and see in my opinion.

Also, Monty Tech costs could just as easily increase in FY2019 and there seems to be no plan for a savings mechanism with regards to any of the stabilization funds.

Again, there was $47,500.00 in the Templeton reserve fund when the fire department needed $20 thousand plus dollars to repair a pump that required certain expertise above the town personnel. If the department had been allowed to go before the Advisory Committee and request the funds, another department's budget item would not have been thrown into shortage and thereby affecting many other things, such as the sitting of many town vehicles due to a lack of money to pay for said repairs. Even with the $20 thousand transfer, there would be still over $20 thousand in the reserve fund and only a month or so away from the magic may 1 time frame and only around six weeks or so before town meeting. 

Time will soon enough be here to see if the reserve fund is targeted by the selectmen for transfers to fix their mess of the FY2017 spending plan that they went on and on about at town meeting stating how it was proper, correct and balanced.

One town employee stated we should check with the two selectmen in the know, John Caplis on town issues and Johnny Columbus on school issues. I think I will pass on that advice!

So, to recap, some of this is from the spending plan book and some of it is my opinion, thereby exercising my free speech rights and sorry, anyone else does not have the right to comment on my thoughts, at least not on this blog, unless I allow it, so I guess someone will have to copy and paste it, what a concept, one town employee will now have to do exactly what they liked to chastise me for doing, copy & paste! go get em little davey.

posted by Jeff Bennett