Friday, August 17, 2018

The following is an example of failure to follow Town by-laws; the rules that allow for home rule, as in self governance. Who is responsible for enforcing the Town by-laws? What is the penalty for failing to follow the by-laws?

From: Robert May <>
To: Townadministrator <>, Selectman Caplis <>, "Advisorycommittee" <>, Doug Morrison <>, Cameron Fortes <>, Diane Haley Brooks <>, Julie Richard <>, Templeton Highway <>, Holly Young <>, "Laurie: Templeton BOH" <>
Date: August 13, 2018 at 9:26 AM
Subject: 7 S. Main St Driveway issue.

I noticed multiple changes to the parking situation  at 7 S. Main St. This property has about 135 of frontage and at present about 80 feet of that space is being used for parking. The property has ripped up multiple feet of curbing. I can imagine this curbing was applied for an added cost to the town to keep water and such within the road surface. I appears they have ripped up about 60 feet of additional curbing beyond the original driveway. This is the 3 or so change to this driveways entrance and exit to the Town road and apparently no permit was ever pulled as I have not received such information after I requested it under FOIA on July 27, 2018

Just as some quick history. I've had Bud down to my house 3 times over this very issue. I've spent time talking to him about why this practice is in place. ( Bud liked to talk).  The entire purpose for an apron is to protect roadside curbage. Aprons are required if you are going to be exiting and entering the roadway at a certain point as to not destroy the road and cost the town. Mr Shea is seriously confused. All driveways require that transition and it requires a permit. Not following the rules doesn't avoid the need for a permit.

 The owner (Selectman Caplis ) along with his neighbor and town employee (Dave Smart) cut the driveway where it met the road, removed curbing, and ripped up the driveway and apparently hauled it away. Since this time the owner has moved all parking to the opposite side of his lot while maintaining a barway at the  spot of the recently ripped up driveway. None of this work has had a written approval or been permitted by the Town.

 I guess as long as you are a Selectman who uses town employees to assist him with private work and you don't put in an apron no fee is required. You can dig up curbing, and move your driveway or have it removed without a permit. Nice to know...……. I'm still waiting for the copies of the approvals and permits as requested on July 27,2018. Since I can only imagine Mr. Shea reporting off a document related to the large sinkhole and the tire issue.
I'm sure their is such, right?

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From: townadministrator <>
To: 'Robert May' <>, 'Selectman Caplis' <>, "'Advisorycommittee'" <>, 'Doug Morrison' <>, 'Cameron Fortes' <>, 'Diane Haley Brooks' <>, 'Julie Richard' <>, 'Templeton Highway' <>, 'Holly Young' <>, "'Laurie: Templeton BOH'" <>, Mark Shea <>
Date: August 14, 2018 at 9:58 AM
Subject: RE: 7 S. Main St Driveway issue.

Mr. May:

I have asked Mr. Shea to have a set of pictures and a full explanation of what happened here and how it interfaces with various town regulations and by-laws ready for discussion this evening with myself and Town Counsel.

I will keep you advised.

Many Thanks

Carter Terenzini