Sunday, June 25, 2017

Templeton selectmen should be thanking concerned Templeton resident Jeff Bennett for helping the selectmen avoid an open meeting law violation - failure to follow open meeting law guidelines with regards to how to properly post a public meeting.

posted by Jeff Bennett
The blue bird is out and about, and it said a treasurer/collector could be headed to Templeton, with a paper trail of experience and certification. Also, piles of paper work that is NOT needed in Templeton.
Resignations, asked for and volunteered, questions and clouds following, along with a sigh from DOR, "oh no" and the merry go round goes round and round. Next up - OMLV paperwork.

Templeton could possibly soon have a new "first family", we shall see.

So, with the 38 hour work hours in Town Hall that is suppose to be in effect, does that mean people only get 38 hours vacation time?  Perhaps Templetn should just go back to Town Hall open five days per week, Monday to Friday and have 8 hour days, eliminating these hourly problems.

posted by Jeff Bennett