Monday, April 9, 2018

Make your day: 
Transportation costs for school district listed at $1,176,464.00. The state, by way of legislature appropriation, is suppose to pay all of that. Once again, it looks like they will fail to do so. So, on the backs of Templeton taxpayers, $675,463.00 is to be used to cover those costs. The state has said it will kick in $363,000.00. If the state would honor it's promise, that $675,463.00 could be used for other things and a proposed override could be much lower. Just for clarity,, on the draft budget document for the school district, the Town (s) share of transportation is listed at $811,464.00, split $675,464.00 for Templeton and $136,001.00 for Phillipston. When the regional district agreement is updated, one thing that needs to be change is the number of representatives for the school committee from each Town. Since Templeton pays about 85% of costs, Templeton should have more representation on the school committee. That is something residents really need to watch.