Thursday, December 14, 2017

Questions asked by the Advisory Committee:
Answered by the part time town administrator:

 Carter Terenzini

> Town Administrator

> Town of Templeton

> 160 Patriots Road

> East Templeton, MA 01438

> 1.978.894.2753

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> Sent: Thursday, December 7, 2017 7:19 AM
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> Subject: Advisory questions

> Holly,

> Before the committee questions, Advisory did agree to have a meeting on December 20, 2017, a Wednesday, at 6:00 P.M. at Town Hall in the conference room. This is an already scheduled/planned date for a meeting. I just wish to confirm with you that this is a good day/date/time. Planned items will be Advisory budget for FY2019 and Committee report for the ATR so as to meet time lines put forth by the administrator.

> Now for the questions:

> 1. - Is the BOS financial policy shown on the Town website under the BOS tab the most current up to date one or has there been changes or additions that have not yet been posted?

Holly Young -"I can answer the first question for you, however, the others will have to wait for Carter to answer when he is back in the office on Monday. The financial policy on the website is the latest completed one. It is on the agenda for Monday for an amendment to it to be voted. I’m assuming once that is updated, we will replace the current one on the website."

> 2. - As to the 5 million dollar bond anticipation note (BAN) for the Town that was due to be settled by December 1, 2017 been paid off or has it been extended?

> The Ban was paid out of a new BAN executed a few days earlier.  This is not uncommon of how things are done as we move a project toward permanent bonding.

> 3. - Are there any other bond anticipation notes (BANs) out at this time?

> We have four totaling $9.9M.

> 4. - Does the Town have a firm to conduct the Templeton FY 2017 audit in pace and if so, who is it?

> Roselli and Clark has conducted the FY 2017 audit under the terms of its agreement for FY ’13 through FY 17.  They have completed their field work.

> Lastly, while this is not a question, the committee voted that it is not feasible at this time to give a hard date for the required pre-town meeting by the Advisory Committee. There is a time line requirement by aw and the committee will meet time line and forward it to this office in a timely manner.

> Please let us know at your earliest convenience that Kelli and I might attend if we have not made a prior commitment. 

> Also, Paul Grubb will be in touch with the administrator with regards to VADAR training days/dates. 

> regards;

> Jeff Bennett