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Re: Nov 1 meeting
Wed 10/4, 9:52 PM
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Please be advised that Advisory Committee voted at tonight's meeting to hold it's required pre-town meeting on Wednesday, November 1, 2017 at 7:00 P.M. News paper advertisement is in the works. As previously stated, there are time frames that are required by Town by-laws and the committee intends to abide by the by-laws.

Jeff Bennett
Advisory Committee vice-chairman

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To: Beverly Bartolomeo; Jeff Bennett;; Paul Grubb; Robert May; Wilfred Spring
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Date: October 4, 2017 at 10:14 AM
Subject: Nov 1 meeting

Good Morning Wil:

Your meeting scheduled for November 1, 2017, will need to be moved either to the alternate meeting room (Land Planning Room) or to another evening. There is a Public Hearing that needs to be held that night in the Conference Room.

Please let me know which is your preference.

Holly A. Young
Holly A. Young,
Assistant to the Town Administrator
Have you seen this in the Gardner News? 

Seems like the Gardner News is only printing one sided stories - maybe the Telegram will print it!

Fw: letter to selectmen
Wed 10/4, 9:42 PM

here is a story for you, if you dare!

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Sent: Saturday, September 30, 2017 7:14 AM
Subject: Re: letter to selectmen
Thank you for the email and especially for all the time and work you put in to bring that issue forward. I know from experience the time it takes to do that type of thing. I understand the "moving forward" part, but when does it end? When does the following of the rules and laws begin There have been alot of mistakes made over the years with regards to Templeton's finance and reporting, and I have been part of those mistakes but when you tell people there is a competent finance team in place and all is well, there should be no excuse for those reports. We shall wait and we shall see. Again, thank you for your effort on this and for the school finance report you did, I am one who really appreciates it.

Bennett - SF

Sent: Friday, September 29, 2017 8:34 PM
To: jeff bennett
Subject: Re: letter to selectmen
Hi Jeff,
Thank you for the BOS input regarding my request for accountant's reports in the AR.
I had a lengthy discussion with John Caplis this week.   Briefly, the "bottom line" is:

1.  Regarding accountant's reports in ARs --- John says that I was right before and I am
     right now; these reports should have been published.   His position is that there is
     nothing we can do about the past and we should move on.
2.  Regarding why there was no accountant's report in the 2017 AR --- He says there was
      a joint decision made to report all the past unaudited years together.  This he says is in
      printing now.   I don't remember who was involved in that decision.  He tells me that
      he has been told this information will be available before the end of the year.   He under-
      stands my position that you don't need a last year's ending figure or a this year's starting
      figure to report actual income and expense information for any recent year, thereby,
      informing the people where our money is actually being spent, however, as he said, this
      info is being printed now.   So, again, we will have to wait for another deadline to see
      these figures.
3.  Regarding his receipt of my October 30 letter --- We have proof that this registered
     letter was delivered to the town's PO Box in East Templeton.  Unfortunately, the town does
     not log in their receipt of mail so, the trail ends with the post office.   After reminding John
     of our discussion at a veteran's meeting, where he told me that he had received my letter
     and that the accountant's report would definitely be in the AR this year, he said, "I just forgot."

I'm sending this by email because I will not be at the next Advisory Committee meeting.
I'm attending an evening course on Wednesdays at the Mount.
On September 25, 2017 at 9:22 PM jeff bennett <> wrote:

Tonight I asked John Caplis about your letter from October 2016 and why no response. First a few selectmen laughed about 106 pages then Caplis stated we could talk after the meeting about it. He told me he did not see it, does not remember getting it and he would call you.