Tuesday, December 5, 2017

from the Templeton personnel policy on the Town website:

B. Attendance - Employees are expected to report to work as scheduled, on time and prepared to start the work day. Employees also are expected to remain at work for their entire work schedule.

I wonder if that is meant to mean if the posted hours for an office is 7:30 A.M., people will actually be in those offices?

Yesterday, I obtained a letter from Town Hall addressed to Jeffrey Bennett, c/o Town Hall. It was in regards to one of those open meeting law complaints filed by the board of selectmen against members of the Advisory Committee. The letter was from the Massachusetts Attorney General's Office. It contained information about the complaint, who filed it and the response received. Since the period of time had passed for an appeal of that response and since no appeal had been made, the Office of the Attorney Genera considers the matter closed and the response from the Advisory Committee to the board of selectmen was accepted.

Maybe now we can have an administrator's report given at a selectmen's meeting.
Good news from Monty Tech school district. A letter dated November 16, 2017 states Templeton's assessment has been revised, as in, went down.

The assessment that was voted at Town Meeting back in May was $638,130.00. It now stands at $635,178.00. A modest drop for sure, but good news for taxpayers! Now, what can the selectmen find to spend it on?