Saturday, May 6, 2017

 Subject of pre town meeting, what if the town got “banged” with 4% interest rather than 3.5%. The newest member of the board of selectmen stated going from 3.5 to 4% would not being “getting banged”, so the below table shows the various costs from 3.5% to 5%. Clearly, the costs increase with a change in interest rates, but do you consider it “getting banged” for an increase of $82,000.00 (approximate) when going from 3.5% to 4% interest rate? The below numbers are the result of going to the division of local services web page and using the debt calculator. The dollar figure is based off what was presented to a special Town meeting in 2015 with a total voted borrowing of $47 million dollars. Would construction costs go up or down in 3 to 5 years? will borrowing costs go up or down in 3 to 5 years? What is the cost of doing nothing? What is the costs of changing direction, such as a new location?

posted by Jeff Bennett

Amount Borrowed
Principal & Interest  - Yearly payment

Interest only
$38,036463.00               $1,358,463.00
$40,328,719.00              $1,440,311.00
$42,685,981.00              $1,524,499.00
$45,106,340.00              $1,610,941.00
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Does or did the Advisory Committee have a difference of opinion concerning which revenue number (s) to use/ Yes, but is that a reason to not recommend the town operating budget/spending plan in its entirety? My opinion is no, so I voted to recommend and explain to town meeting, if they wish an explanation. Last Town Meeting, the people did not wish to go line item by line item, they voted to follow the selectmen's budget/spending plan and in the past, the Town indicated they wanted a town run ambulance service and that is the reason for the 100 thousand dollar shortfall built into this budget/spending plan, so again, I voted to recommend for as this is what the people want/wanted, so I think they should get what they want and pay for it. If Town Meeting wishes to do anything with this spending plan, they can make a substitute motion and maybe little davey will do that. Where were all the complainers at the pre-town Meeting?

Just as important is the Town Administrator report of May 4, 2017,
In it,  the T/A serves notice to the selectmen that the NRSD (school district) has  the intent to issue debt in the amount of $490,000.00. What this will be used for is either not known or not stated at this time. Also stated is it seems this new debt will not be a capital or debt exclusion item.

The dollar figure that was used in the "warning" or Town Meeting warrant is not a correct total and that was going to go to Town Counsel to see if the warrant had to be re-posted or not. Again, the dollar amount can be adjusted on Town Meeting floor or Town Meeting can again reject the article in its entirety and go through what the Town did in 2013, their choice.

Again, the general state aid number is not set in stone and can in theory be changed before the state budget is approved by the state legislature, yet the Templeton spending plan is based on that number, which is why most towns have a Town Meeting (special) in the fall to adjust before the tax recap is submitted. The budget process was better this year than the past few years but it still needs change and improvement and that can happen. So, at Town Meeting,, the people (legislative body) can either vote to accept what is presented or they can vote to change it, it is up to them.

posted by Jeff Bennett