Friday, April 14, 2017

Little Davey is wrong - again!

So we save with lower costs for the labor force year after year.
We have a excellent team in place now and things are looking better for the future of Templeton. With people like Jeffy pointing out the great strides the team has made since he dropped out it warms ones heart that he did.
Thank you Julie Farrell for your work on the AC research on the effort level and hope to see the results you get on the Blogs for Templeton.
That is the reality of the problem Templeton faces and should be the focus of the need for the massive over ride needed.
Soon the AC should have that number and tell the people the needs.
Just a clue it should be at least 1 million and will only begin to fix the issue of to low of a tax rate in Templeton for to long.
And with that i give you Jeffy for comments.
The roads don't get repaired, Chapter 90 money is instead used to buy equipment.
Mark you seem to be miss informed like Jeffy about town issues.
The fact is there is a long list of roads we have done over the alst 6 years.
The fact is we have spent a pile of chapter 90 money on your road royalston rd.
Just the engineering cost will total 400k + is almost 1/2 done,soon to be in submit table

Won't cost the town this will be a T.I.P. Mass project the way they want it to be done.
As it use to be a county road before the state dumped it on us we would just like the Barre road needs never have the funds we need for it to be rebuilt.
As with the Baldwinvlle rd. project we spent 300k + to engineer and we only allowed to have it ground and resurfaced. Some drainage and sidewalks.
No water lines and no other underground issues taken care of.
As far as the money for equipment we asked for it at town meeting and the funds were not provided that way. The decision needed to be made and it was by the elected ones.
Don't like the decision they made is your opinion and not shared by all.
The equipment is, believe it or not needed and used to make it possible to keep our town safe and manageable if emergencies strike.
It's like the chunks unless you work at the facilities it's not easy to understand.
What gets me is why so many buss's go by with no or few kids on them.
Even more is how many cars go by with the kids being dropped off.
Busing is largest increase in the school budget and only one contract bid was submitted.
Lets try UBER and save a Million +
 So, lets see, in reverse order, work on on the Royalston Road will not cost the Town anything. Where is the money coming from for the engineering costs of this project? Where does the state get the money it spends? FROM THE TAXPAYERS, from STATE SALES TAX! and last I checked,most people pay state taxes and or fees in some way, even the people in Templeton, so it does cost the town Davey!

I seem to know the chapter 90 money little davey speaks of is money intended for road repair and now that money is being spent on plans rather than material to improve Road travel and when the roads are in terrible condition, it costs taxpayers and anyone with a car in addiitonal repairs brought on by poor road conditions. I know little davey thinks there should be a big override so he can get a raise and so someone else can pay more of his health insurance. I know all department heads seem to be told to attend training and meetings with the exception of the treasurer / collector.

I know what the "excellent team" managed to do, again, is mess up the budget or more correctly spending plan with bad numbers while continuing to claim they have a good team in place. I know three members of the Advisory Committee paid their own way to a conference of finance committees last year (Jeff Bennett, Wil Spring and Julie Farrell) (Julie Farrell and Jeff Bennett also paid their own way to the MMA meeting in 2014) I know this so calledd excellent team has messed up the numbers again, while having a deputy assessor, treasurer, collector , town accountant and experienced town administrator and still, the same old mistakes, errors and goof ups and false claims and little davey singing their praise. I guess he has to do that after they signed a contract giving him all the freebies. 

Now, little davey will no longer be driving the conversations here and the posting of Templeton financial information will continue, beginning with the two proposed fulltime fire fighters/EMS personnel for Templeton, that is correct, full time with benefits and that is Templeton town government growing and costing taxpayers more and more.

posted by Jeff Bennett