Monday, February 5, 2018

Recently, I contacted the selectmen's office for a list of elementary school building committee members;
I received the following;


Yes, I do. They are all appointed for one-year terms and expire 6/30/18.

Templeton Elementary School
  Building Committee



Haley Brooks




Must have gotten a site plan together as logging is now in progress on Baldwinville Road at exit 20. Must be in a hurry working Saturday into the evening hours.

Article in the Gardner News states Templeton could be considering giving up ambulance service, as it is struggling to fund it full time. This should not be a surprise, as one selectmen noted this back in 2012. It has been mentioned on this bog that perhaps a positive cash flow scenario should be looked at. That would be the Town getting out of the ambulance business and having private companies bid to provide that service; that would be money coming into the Town rather than all of the required money being spent to have Town provided ambulance service. If the Town stays in the ambulance service with a full time fire department, what will be cut? Senior Center/, library?

I have to wonder what happened to that bright picture of Templeton finance that was portrayed by the selectmen back in 2015? What happened to that bond rating in the spring of 2016? Remember that big deficit that selectmen Caplis was talking about at a  joint meeting with Advisory Committee? Beginning to look like the selectmen were talking out of their back side. A big cheer leading stunt just to get one thing to happen, and now, the proverbial chickens have come home to roost. Have no fear, fortune 500 man is here! He says you should have less time to speak and less time to ask questions, a mighty good sounding plan, don't you think?

Interesting item (s) from the T/A weekly report:

Conservation Commission: Administrative Assistant prepared agenda for February 12 meeting; received notice to add Green Communities as an agenda item.

Planning Board; Administrative Assistant . .. .prepared agenda for the meeting of February 13 and received notice to add Green Communities to agenda.

So who is telling these groups what to place on their agendas?