Wednesday, June 27, 2018

 Happenings in Templeton.

The computer gods  tell me that Templeton's asst. accountant was fired. Lynn (Phillipston's treasurer) sent out some smoke signals informing me that Kelli (Templeton town accountant) is going to hire her in Templeton to do the payroll and and be her asst. she will still be working in the Templeton Collector /treasurer office and in Phillipston. The drum beat from the other side of the river, sends this message, "Who really runs Templeton"?

It almost looks like a game of musical chairs is going on in Town Hall these days. There is a very visible group of five (somewhere there is a picture showing five) and while most of the time, there are only four seen at the table on tv or you tube, but there is suppose to be five and they are charged with among other things, the policy and budget responsibilities of Templeton. The group of five can delegate most of their duty/authority as they wish, they cannot delegate their responsibility. The group of five now have a very large and expensive monument to their accomplishments, one very expensive and big building known as an elementary school (that they will soon lose control of, if they ever controlled it to begin with) When the music stops, will there be anyone left to sit in the chairs?

The future of Templeton probably just went to the cellar with the departure of Eric Pollitt and that is the responsibility of the group of five. The question now is what will they do about it? When the company is not doing well, the CEO usually is sent on their way, sometimes followed by the CFO.

On the bright side, pretty soon, the Templeton highway department will have a couple of brand new trucks, however, will there be anyone to drive them?