Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Since there has been mention of this subject, I requested the ist of current members of the elementary school building committee;

Hi Jeff,

The members are:

Dr. Casavant
Hank Mason, School Committee
Rick Moulton, Bldg. & Grounds Dir.
Diane Haley Brooks, Selectman
Kirk Moschetti, Chairman
Nat North, TC Principal
John Caplis, Selectman
Theresa Kasper, Resident
Carter Terinzini, Town Manager
Carrie Koziol, Resident*

*Carrie has recently resigned, because she moved out of district.

I do not have any of this committee's minutes in front of me, so I cannot say how they are presented. I do however know that Jon Winikur and Tim Alex of Colliers are the owners project managers rather than part of the appointed committee. The three individuals from SMMA are the designers/engineers for the project and not appointed members of the committee. Alan Mayo is with public works and I recall the highway department was going to be involved in some of the work on the roads around the project. As for master Fortes, I suspect he is just in attendance. I can double check on the membership of the committee, but the two from Colliers and the three from SMMA are not on the appointed committee.

Speaking of Committees, Capital Planning, which is listed on the Town Website, shows members as Doug Morrison, Wil Spring, Charles Carroll, Lori Matson as the membership. I believe the only one correct is Doug Morrison. This is probably one area where the selectmen should correct first in any attempt to claim transparency in government.

What records of public meetings must be kept?

Public bodies are required to create and maintain accurate minutes of all meetings, including executive sessions. The minutes, which must be created and approved in a timely manner, must include:
• the date, time and place of the meeting;
• the members present or absent;
• the decisions made and actions taken, including a record of all votes;
• a summary of the discussions on each subject;
• a list of all documents and exhibits used at the meeting; and
 • the name of any member who participated in the meeting remotely.