Tuesday, September 26, 2017

When the condition of the small play area at Templeton Town hall was brought to the attention of the selectmen at last nights meeting, chairman Caplis stated it was grandfathered so it did not need anything, while selectmen Brooks stated the Town did not have the money to do anything, "we cannot afford it." Well, a quick look at Town finance and one can see that there are some funds available, in the form of money apparently left over from Town Meeting warrant article 18, which included $10,000.00 for merit/equity raises. The selectmen gave out some raises at that meeting and it seems there is some of your money left, which could be used to fund wood chips or some other allowed material for the play area and thus provide for the safety of the kids who do use that area. Perhaps selectmen Brooks could not grasp that thought on the first go round, noting that she often states she does not process things well. Your selectmen not working to hard to ensure the safety of the kids. Maybe they are to busy falling face first into a swimming pool with beer in hand!