Monday, January 1, 2018

Sorry, not only in Templeton.

From the Town of Franklin - Capital Planning

Community Profile:
● No Capital Committee
● Finance Committee, advisory only
● Capital Sub-Committee of the Town Council members (4 of 9 members)
● Capital Improvement Plan includes Town & School

Capital Program Policy:
100% of Free Cash, Overlay Surplus is used for capital purchases or small, one-time purchases.
● A five-year Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) plan is required annually and shall be maintained and updated.
● Department Heads are required to budget operating costs associated with CIP projects.

Capital Program Policy:
● Delaying maintenance on existing assets results in higher costs in future years. Postponing improvements to buildings/ infrastructure results in higher costs.
● Bonds will be used for large capital projects (over $1,000,000)
● Stabilization accounts for Fields, Fire Trucks/ Ambulance, Facilities
10% of Free Cash toward OPEB Trust Fund

So, 100% used for capital purchases, but use 10% for OPEB; must be the new math!

It just may be this is one of the things that make some taxpayers go - WTF????
Massachusetts General Law chapter 43A

Section 7: Action on articles in warrant for town meeting

Section 7. The articles in the warrant for every town meeting, so far as they relate to the election of the moderator, town officers and town meeting members, and as herein provided, to referenda, and all matters to be acted upon and determined by ballot, shall be so acted upon and determined by the registered voters of the town in their respective precincts. All other articles in the warrant for any town meeting shall be acted upon and determined exclusively by town meeting members at a meeting to be held at such time and place as shall be set forth by the selectmen in the warrant for the meeting, subject to the referendum provided for by section ten.

Section 8: Moderator; tenure; duties; vacancies

Section 8. A moderator shall be elected by ballot at the annual town meeting when his term of office expires, for the term of one or three years, and shall serve as moderator of all town meetings, except as otherwise provided by law, until a successor is elected and qualified. Nominations for and election of a moderator shall be as in the case of other elective town officers, and any vacancy in the office may be filled by the town meeting members at a meeting held for that purpose. If a moderator is absent, a moderator pro tempore may be elected by the town meeting members.