Friday, October 6, 2017

Something to perhaps think about;

A supposed real estate agent runs for elective office, then uses that position to lobby for a new school while also talking about property values increasing in town. More people will want to move to Templeton. Does that real estate person benefit financially from the increase in property values and increase in home sales? Is that a violation of the conflict of interest law?

If you do not want your salary known and or your benefits, do not work for a municipality. The many questions about numbers (dollar figures) showing negative (over spent) balances are part of the lack of detail in those reports. It is also a result of a lack of true open, transparent communication on the part of the selectmen and the town administrator. That is my view and opinion.

If Shari or anyone else feels a selectmen is being spoken about badly here or on any other platform, I suggest you go to selectmen meeting and ask the individual point blank; do you get paid from the town? Can you benefit financially from increased home sales in Tempeton/ Do you favor keeping the salaries and benefits of Templeton Town employees from the general public in Templeton?

See if you get any answers. Perhaps bring a map and have a geography lesson at the same time.