Monday, July 3, 2017

Certification (from an online open meeting law guide for Massachusetts)

Within two weeks of a member’s election or appointment or the taking of the oath of office, whichever occurs later, all members of public bodies must complete the attached Certificate of Receipt of Open Meeting Law Materials certifying that they have received these materials, and that they understand the requirements of the Open Meeting Law and the consequences of violating it. The certification must be retained where the public body maintains its official records. All public body members should familiarize themselves with the Open Meeting Law, the Attorney General’s regulations, and this Guide.
 In the event a Certificate has not yet been completed by a presently serving member of a public body, the member should complete and submit the Certificate at the earliest opportunity to be considered in compliance with the law.

Seems pretty clear and I would expect that anyone working for a fortune 500 company who looks at or is involved in ensuring that regulations are followed, would be able to read the above and realize that one has 2 weeks to obtain, fill out and return the receipt of the open meeting guide/law.
To be in compliance with the LAW.

posted by Jeff Bennett
from the meeting with selectmen, advisory committee and DOR/division of local services.

Sean Cronin (senior deputy commissioner of local services) The DOR is here to help Templeton and Templeton needs sound policies and procedures. 
Templeton faces significant financial challenges. 

MJ Handy: (director of bureau of accounts) Templeton has spent more than it has budgeted

DOR is committed to working with Templeton. (it costs nothing extra as this service is already paid for by way of state taxes, so why spend more on the Collins institute)?

Spent more than budgeted, Town meeting votes to put so much money to pay for this or that and then the selectmen okay spending more than the people gave them permission to spend. Who has the job of watching this and ensuring that does not happen? Why has this continually happened since 2014 town meeting when the fiscal 2015 budget/spending plan was presented to town meeting? 

It appears the board of selectmen have not learned anything from past mistakes. Now the selectmen will complain they are short staffed and are spending too much time on complaints so other work is not getting done. Selectmen made the choice to go done that road so now deal with it. 

posted by Jeff Bennett