Saturday, February 24, 2018

So, the Town needs to change it's election date so there is no dissension on the stage with regards to the budget. Why then, does this board of selectmen think it has to change Town Counsel before the election? Why not discuss any changes after the election? After all, anyone elected to the select board will have to work with the Town Counsel and would it not make sense for all five to have a say in this most important subject?  If Town Counsel is to be called upon to defend your position (s), shouldn't you have a say in who Town Counsel is to be? If it needs to be that way for the budget, why not legal counsel as well?

Perhaps Towns people should be aware that no one from the board of selectmen's office talked to present Town Counsel about a change. No one from the board of selectmen's office told present Town Counsel about the issuance of a RFP, they never received an acknowledgement that they responded to the RFP, no one from the board of selectmen's office asked any questions about their response, no references were ever checked, no screening committee ever contacted them (was there a screening committee?), present Town Counsel is unsure if the BOS even knows that they re applied. It is even possible the application from present Town Counsel was tossed into the trash. (my opinion)

Just another reason, in my opinion, why it is hard to trust the current board of selectmen on anything.

So, does Templeton have a full time Town Administrator, a part time Town Administrator or an interim Town Administrator?

I seem to recall the Templeton board of selectmen voting to make Carter Terenzini the Town Administrator. I seem to recall an article in the Gardner News of that item. So here is the point of this post; do the Templeton selectmen know what they vote on? Do they read and understand it/ Do they remember what they vote and act on?

In a written, posted and published request for proposals for legal services (Town Counsel), the selectmen include in that posting; any questions concerning this invitation should be directed to Carter Terenzini, interim Town Administrator. However, in the first paragraph of the RFP, it had submit responses to Mr. Carter Terenzini, Town Administrator. Perhaps it is a lack of proof reading, but what ever the reason, this is a reflection on the selectmen and the continuation of a lack of consistency with regards to policies, procedures and every day business of the selectmen. (in my opinion) Perhaps that is one of the reasons for a lack of participation of the citizens of Templeton when it comes to the board of selectmen and their meetings?

This RFP was, according to the document, advertised in the Gardner News on December 19, 2017, on COMMBUYS on December 14, 2017 and Goods & Services bulletin on December 25, 2017.

Meeting packet information for the Monday, February 26, 2018 selectmen meeting is now on the Town website under the meeting calendar, simply find the selectmen meeting for Monday and scroll down until you see the link.

It states it was added or created on February 23, 2018. Strange how town business is done on days when Town Hall is not open.