Thursday, June 28, 2018

So, to recap for today;

After the recent Supreme Court ruling concerning unions and specifically, public sector unions, employees are no longer required as a condition of employment to join, pay a fee or support a union. No more force or extortion for the right to go to work.

Evening news reports that the largest member union in the state, teachers union, already have people putting together a memo of sorts informing members that they no longer have to support or belong to the union to have a job, reportedly instructing people how to opt out. The report also stated that the unions stand to lose millions of dollars.

I do not see how this ruling can be taken as anything but a move to allow people who want to work as having the freedom to decide whether to join or support a union or not. If people wish to join or support organized labor, I saw nothing in the ruling that stops them from making that choice.

On the salary comparison along with market rate statement made by Templeton select board chairman, well, that seems to be less than accurate. It is very similar to the comment made at a selectmen meeting that all towns touching Templeton, or bordering the Town, have tax rates of $20.00 per thousand, which again, is not true, and that is easily checked.

So people now have a choice when it comes to the right to work and the information put forth by at least one selectmen concerning tax rates and salaries is less than honest or true.

Looking at today's weekly Town Administrator report, the Town Accountant, treasurer/collector, police, sewer, fire / EMS have nothing to report this week, interesting. I wonder what Mr. happy pants has to report? Another 1 1/2 hour meeting complete. (someone will get that reference)

Three bids received this week in the amount of 9 million dollars of Bond Anticipation Notes (short term borrowing) for the school and police station. No mention of the fellowship man, Eric Pollitt leaving Town employment.
Oh Templeton, first it was all the Towns that Touch (border) Templeton have tax rates at $20.00 per thousand, which if anyone checks, that is simply untrue. Now, Templeton employees are under paid and the offered wage is under market value.

For instance, Templeton highway is $5.00 to $10.00 under market. Well, time to check surrounding towns and see how true that rings.

A quick look at the FY 2019 spending plan shows Templeton highway laborer/operator at an average of $40,000.00 per year.

Executive assistant to Town Administrator;

Hubbardston executive assistant to the Town Administrator - $32,825.00

Templeton executive assistant to Town Administrator -           $40,000.00

Winchendon Town Manager executive assistant  -                    $62,000.00

Barre executive assistant to Town Administrator -                     $33,000.00
(+ / -) employment add on MMA website shows $15.79 per hour.

Templeton appears to be in the middle (average) on this pay scale. I think the benefit side of things should also be looked at - how generous are Templeton health insurance offerings compared to other communities / are the benefits pre-tax or post tax? Makes a difference.

It does look as though the message from the selectmen can be taken as less than transparent. If the statement is (such as regarding tax rate) that all the towns bordering Templeton pay more for a position, please show us the list so we may compare.

If you wish to work for the Templeton Highway department, you get to keep a few more of your dollars, since you should no longer have to pay an agency fee simply to work.

The Supreme Court finally gave those who wish to work for a municipality a choice, to pay or not to pay to go to work. Of course, here in the commonwealth, the news is reporting that the speaker of the Massachusetts House is going to work to soften the blow to organized labor. The bribe machines most likely have already been fired up.

Seems strange for a person having to pay extra for the right to get a job and go to work. Also, those same people no longer have to pay to help support a politicians campaign expenses, especially if they, as an individual, do not support that person. I would expect the state house here to try and protect their trough containing all that cash that comes from the public sector unions.