Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Today, 6:20 AM
Finally, the open meeting law complaints from the board of selectmen to Advisory Committee have arrived, electronically even. I guess the excuse of short staffing from the chairman of the select board does not apply in this instance. The complaints signed by it appears the signature of John Caplis dated July 17, 2017. I will return the favor first by sending an email to the DOR informing them of Templeton over spending and of the 5 million dollar BAN or bond anticipation note being used on the school project. The elementary school fund now, or as of June 29, 2017, shows a balance of $3,726,439.00. Guess that advice from the DOR about not spending that 5 million went out the window along with the selectmen's policies and procedures document, which the Advisory Committee had nothing to do with. Time for the email machine to be fired up with another message to MJ Handy about Templeton finance.

Oh, about that call for my resignation from the Advisory Committee, shove it! Pound Sand! GTH! or to keep it real simple - NO

posted by Jeff Bennett