Saturday, July 1, 2017

Town meeting deficit
Wed 4/26/2017 6:01 AM

Remember, the selectmen were going to ask the voters to use money from the Ambulance receipts fund to balance a spending plan at town meeting, even when they did not have the money in hand. Fortunately, the DOR was watching.I also sent emails to various officials at the DOR/DLS informing them of this action. Whether that made any difference, I do not know, but I made the effort to try and look out for taxpayers/residents.

Templeton Town Meeting
Wed 5/24/2017 7:17 AM
Selectmen sign off on the weekly Town warrant, which is simply a list of town bills by department, including light & Water. So, when the selectmen sign off on paying bills that again, in simple terms because I am a simple guy, over spends what is in the account to spend, they would be breaking the law. perhaps it is by ignorance but it happens and so who is going to hold them accountable/ When will the selectmen apologize for that? Taxpayers have to borrow 5 million dollars and approximately 1.4 million is to cover over spending, more than what taxpayers said they have to spend, on the school project. Who will be held accountable? When will selectmen apologize? Not to mention, in speaking with a few town residents on town politics, two former town employees may be filing law suits against the town and I hope the selectmen are named in those law suits if they are indeed filed.

posted by Jeff Bennett
So, as selectmen Fortes speaks of rules and regulations are in place for a reason, who is going to be held accountable for spending above a town meeting appropriation? Is that breaking the law? Perhaps all of the selectmen should resign as they have demonstrated many times they cannot be trusted. Too many accounts are in deficit in violation of the law. Snow & Ice is one fund that is allowed by law to over spend but other funds/accounts is not allowed, so how is that going to work? Who is going to be held accountable for this? That is not name calling or critiquing or what ever, that is breaking the law, so selectmen, what say you?

posted by Jeff Bennett
Since I know this will make it to the Templeton board of selectmen, the answer to your call for resignation: NO.
I would like to know when the selectmen will apologize to the Town residents for telling them there is a competent financial team in place and all is well. After hearing an auditor say at a public meeting that the then treasurer/collector did not know her job, citing at least 20 examples, well, it seems apparent the selectmen knew and just kept that smiley face on and every thing is okay. Then the selectmen, through the Town Administrator and a secretary, they hide report of Town finance. They edited/changed or just plain left it out, information from the Advisory Committee regarding the spending of public monies. Now the selectmen say that information will be in the financial report sometime in the future. I will be comparing it with what was submitted.
So to recap selectmen, as for me resigning from the Advisory Committee: pound sand, it is not happening.

Public elected officials using their official position to further their personal agendas. Using their position in an attempt to punish those who would criticize them. It is not like the four named people in this with hunt complaint are facing prison time or anything. I will speak for myself, I will not stop, I will not shut up, this blog will not go away, the posting of public information will not stop. There is nothing to gain from the selectmen's action other than to try and get people in town to ignore the Advisory Committee. That has already happened and then there was the Division of Local Services saying they offered help in 2016 and they were rebuked and ignored. Hey, the selectmen were busy writing a contract with the Collins Institute for at least 10 thousand of your dollars while they ignored help and assistance for zero future dollars. The DLS is a state agency that is already paid for by state taxes. 

With this latest set of front page newspaper articles, selectmen have accomplished nothing. Solved nothing and showed their true colors, agree with us or else! (in my opinion)

posted by Jeff Bennett