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I am a pain in the ass and an equal opportunity call it as I see it and not politically correct. I try everything I can think of to get people involved. Facts, figures, laughs or piss em off. It does not always work but I keep trying. As I posted, I am going to try to get some people's attention on important things.
  Thanks for responding, as you are the only one (selectmen) to do so. and now I have some more information.
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Good for you starting a blog to make citizens aware of what's happening.  I was researching a project and just happened to see this and I don't know why it came up so I was reading and came across this:

Reading a recent article in the Gardner News, it appears some members of the building committee may have slept during past meetings. Selectmen Haley Brooks could be one of them; Haley Brooks voiced concern about people flying up the road, going 50 mph. Well, when the traffic pattern was being discussed at a few meetings about the school, it was disclosed that Templeton police chief, fire chief and highway superintendent all were in favor of the traffic going up Wellington Road and coming down South Road, as they felt this the safest. Where was the concern for speed when this project was being sold? Perhaps too much cheer leading at that time rather than discussion of these concerns? Haley Brooks again concerned about lack of street lights, again, where was all this concern back last summer when the planning meetings were happening? Where was this concern at the November special town meeting vote for the school? Haley Brooks again concerned about the new playground at the current site, again, this was covered in past meetings, but if you have such great concerns, where were the questions at the town meeting? My first thought is either someone likes to see their name in the newspaper or after the project gets passed, with someone's very loud voice in support, suddenly wishes to be seen as a big champion of the local folks. My question is , where were these concerns during the planning phase of the project? Another item is not too long ago, there was a quote in the Gardner News from Haley Brooks, saying how the new Massachusetts DOT complete streets grant program was money that could fix up the streets around the new school so what is all the sudden worry now? The residents that are now raising all the fuss need to be asked the same questions; where were you during the planning phase? Where were you at special town meeting? Where were you at the ballot box? I notice not much concern voiced by Haley Brooks over the money being spent on many changes brought on by school personnel, so lets admit that the project passed, at least a million dollars has been spent on it so far and the project is going to be built and down the road, it will be a nice addition to the area. Does Haley Brooks think traffic will slow down if the new school is not built there? There does not seem to have been much concern for the lack of street lighting to date so why now? Either park to police officers there all day or the folks that drive those roads need to slow down because signs, lights and a couple of traffic bumps are not going to do the job. I would much rather have had my selectmen have a contract for 50 million dollars looked at by the Town's attorney rather than argue about street lights after the fact. Those are easily fixed, just have the Templeton Light department install street lighting after the school is built. As in people can see the night light generated by the building, then decide how bright they want their neighborhood to be at night in the future.

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I would rather you have a conversation with me.  I don't read the newspaper or the blog and if I do it's because I want to be sure I am seeing all sides of a story.  I could care less if my name is in the paper and what I am quoted as saying as Tara is not one to quote or even get a story right.

I am not asleep at the wheel and I do my best to pay attention.  I try to have my head wrapped around all I can to make informed decisions. Again, I am one of the only board members that tries to go to all I can.  I will always be in favor of the school as it's going to build our community back up over time and that is a fact as I can see it happening in Athol and part of that is due to the mall. 

I am also one of the only board members that is truly connected to our community, has an amazing relationship with employees and department heads, and help in every area I can.  I wish I had more time to devote, but I don't.  

I lived on South Road and it was a speed trap.  Have you ever looked at things many times and all of a sudden something dawns on your once you see it again and BAM you go...oh my what about this.  Well, I take time to process things and that is how I am.

I really do appreciate all sides of a story and all sides of an argument.  I like to hear from the residents and I would rather be mentored than cut down.  

I don't normally respond to negativity but I wish we would work toward working together and not be portrayed in that light.  I would never do that to anyone.

I will do my best to continue to learn all I can, be involved and speak up when I feel it is needed even if my questions seem to late, to little or to lax.

I take the needs of this town seriously.

Thank you Jeff.
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