Monday, April 30, 2018

Does anyone remember the MA DOT complete streets program? Templeton is a compact member. According to the website, Templeton does not have or it did not work on the complete streets best practice policy. The website does not show any projects for Templeton. I recall this grant program was going to be used to aid in the design / re do of Wellington Road and part of South Road with regards to the area around the new school. I wonder if this is going to be another good opportunity left untapped by the selectmen like the CDBG program. That is the program used to rebuild infrastructure in the Back Bay area of Baldwinville. Water lines, drainage, sidewalks and road beds. Perhaps they are too busy with writing policies. Of course if you do not show up for meetings, it is hard to bring these things up.

The key word or phrase is complete streets best practice policy and the DOT web site shows a no for Templeton. No projects approved for FY 2017, rounds 1 and 2. No projects approved FY 2018 round 1 and 2. No prioritization plan approved yet either according to the website.

for Jeff Bennett for Selectmen