Friday, June 29, 2018

Route 202 needs some checking, 2 police officers, fire truck, ambulance along with about a mile or more of speedy dry on the road. Serious fuel leak? Highway/DPW truck. This requires some detailed checking, as a fuel spill of this nature requires reporting and usually leads to fines and / or cleanup costs, near to closed Templeton dump, environmental issues? Conservation commission, better check this out? Developmental services? Board of Selectmen, ah, somebody may need to wake them up, as this was around 11:00 A.M today.
Templeton Treasurer/Collector Contract:

Looking on the Templeton Town website under contracts and policies, there is a copy of a contract between the Town of Templeton and it's Treasurer/Collector. Under duties, it states the treasurer/collector shall assume administrative control of and be responsible for all operational functions of the department, including, but not limited to, the supervision of daily operations of billing and collections of betterments, real, personal property and excise taxes and miscellaneous revenues, managing and disbursing cash, managing the placement and servicing of debt, supervision of all personnel; preparation and submission of the annual budget (s) to the Administrator; submission of required reports; responsibility for all expenditures and grants within approved budgets, presentations before any Board of the Town at which the Treasurer/Collector 's presence is required and before any Town Meeting when necessary; communication with the public, including the media, on matters related to operations and policy, and any other related and relevant duties as assigned by the Administrator.

Seems pretty straight forward, and considering the new elementary school involves debt of the Town, such as BANs, as in borrowing, which involves the Town having a responsibility to pay things back, seems like there should be some mention of this in the weekly Town Administrator's report, under Treasurer/Collector. So, how or why is it allowed, that continuously, from the Treasurer/Collector has nothing to report? Perhaps the puppet strings are a little tight. I mean, there are bills coming in regarding the school project and presumably, they are being paid along with processing receipt of MSBA reimbursements? Surely there is something to report out of the treasurer / collector office?

Perhaps this is the real issue with so many vacancies, management rather than salary?