Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Is it the entity of government or the administration of government?

I see it as the action or lack of action that gets most people to speak on the subject of government.

Why are our roads not fixed? Why are you giving out raises and then asking for an override (tax increase issue), interestingly, a prop 2 1/12 override does not automatically equal or mean a tax increase, however, it is generally perceived as such.

So, I attend a sewer commission meeting and the Town Administrator and town accountant are present. A subject is moving sewer collections from the sewer department to Town Hall. Why is the Town Collector not present? Why were the employees in the selectmen's office unaware of where the Town Administrator and Town Accountant were at that time? Some big secret meeting?

Is that how someone gets mentored and shown how the job works, by being left out of things?

Take the FY 2019 Templeton spending plan for instance; it has $65,250.00 for town administrator salary, $48,185.00 for management fellow, $13,742.00 for an administrative assistant and there is the $40,000.00 for raises included in the spending plan. (The contract for Carter Terenzini's for 16 hours per week - contract is on Town website)

In an article in the Gardner News, Templeton employee Carter Terenzini was quoted as saying Templeton is on the low end of the pay scale in the market regarding Town Administrator salary.

If the selectmen use the above available funds, there is conservatively $140,000.00 available to offer as salary for a full time T/A. That is not on the low end of things. Hubbardston, for instance pays $85,000.00. Athol Town manager in FY2018, proposed his salary at $135,000.00.

Templeton could be labeled as average or slightly above average on the pay scale for a T/A, but I do not think anyone can honestly state it is on the bottom or the low side of the market place.
I look at the Gardner News article as another piece of misinformation coming from the selectmen's office.