Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Perhaps a lack of understanding on Town government?
Perhaps an attempted fast one?

Either way, the attempt to change how the Templeton Advisory Committee would be appointed in the future seems to be on the shelf - for now. One item needs to be brought to every ones attention; the NRHS school committee having any say on the appointment of any town committees - why would a selectmen wish to have members of another town have input on the Templeton finance (advisory) committee? The NRHS school committee is a separate legal entity from Templeton Town government, made up of some Phillipston residents. Granted, Phillipston already rides Templeton taxpayers like a rented mule (my opinion) but I do not feel it is correct (or smart) to have out of town residents choosing who will serve on such an important committee. Especially when said committee will be looking at their budgets and making recommendations to same.

While it (the change) appeared to be patterned after Littleton's way of doing things, I do not believe Littleton belongs to a regional school district, which makes a difference. (my opinion) Perhaps selectmen Fortes can or will focus on the budget process and the following of Templeton by-laws and "fight" for a true balanced budget that does not have to be back filled at a later date because of lack of revenue to cover expenses presented to Town Meeting. Just begin at fiscal 2015 and follow through to fiscal 2018; you will find alot of "fixing" of the finances, which indicates their is still things to do and work on for Templeton finance and budgeting. There is really no excuse for having to "back fill" a department budget, especially salaries, these are known expenses and should and must be covered by monies available. If the money is not there, do not present nor ask for those numbers.