Saturday, September 30, 2017

Chairman Caplis speaks: finally.

Apparently Mr. Caplis spoke to a resident and admits he was aware of the 106 page document sent to him, but he "just forgot." The chair also agrees that the position of the document was correct but there is nothing we can do about the past so we should just move on. That line sounds familiar. My question is what happened with open and transparent government and what happened with the qualified financial team in place? Why was this information not in the AR of 2016 Apparently that elusive financial report is in printing now and will be available by the end of the year. So we have another deadline to wait for!

With regards to the receipt of mail, the document was sent to the Town vial a P.O. box and the Town does not log in mail into Town Hall so the record ends there. At least there was an admission that the information was correct, this group of selectmen failed to follow through on another promise and the Town waits for another deadline. I wonder what happened to the 2015 annual Town report and the Town Meeting vote.

On another subject, the municipal fellowship position; you have to follow the bouncing ball. That came up by way of the discussion to have a shared town administrator. With a two day a week visit to Templeton, there was thought that some of the appropriated funds for the TA position could be used to hire a graduate and have on the job training in municipal administration. I believe this had been discussed at several board/committee meetings but that will require some reading for a later post. Since the Town will no longer have a shared administrator, perhaps more effort and all salary should be put towards hiring a full time town administrator as Town Meeting voted for.