Thursday, August 23, 2018

So, last nights selectmen meeting;

Town Administrator states he did not say anything about a possible tax override to cover costs concerning stoney bridge, perhaps he should pursue a retraction from the paper, as that was contained in the article published.

The codification process apparently will not be presented until next spring, according to the town administrator (that is recorded).

Selectmen Brooks made a motion to try to compel an employee (sewer department superintendent Kent Songer) to attend a selectmen meeting, which would be after work hours. She also made a point of the sewer commissioners meetings be held at town hall so they can be recorded. Now that would be nice, so I would like to know when selectmen Brooks will make a motion to compel the general manager of the light & water department to attend a selectmen meeting, as well as have light & water meetings at town hall so they can be recorded/broadcasted as well?

On Laurel View Road, another reason I can bring up for the Town to continue to plow it is public safety, as in the fire department being able to have access to those homes. PUBLIC SAFETY, as in the Town Ambulance being able to travel on that road, which so far, has been plowed by the town, as well as minor repairs done to the road. Public safety, as in the police being able to travel that road.

Lastly, the town administrator stated that time spent answering citizens request for information could be better spent on other things. Is that great or what, a public employee complaining on having to answer questions from citizens, the ones who provide the money to pay their salary and then ask questions concerning the spending of that money, feels it is a problem having to take time to answer questions from those same citizens. Where does selectmen Brooks stand on that issue?

Oh yeah, where are the town employee salaries in the annual town report?