Friday, August 4, 2017

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Tic Toc Tic Toc, hey davey, aka dumb shit, I am still here, the blog is still here!

Now, a few posts back, dumb shit poked fun at bringing up a Budget versus Actual (BvA) from September 2016, well, seems like that had importance after all. Since this was already brought up at an Advisory Committee meeting, this post and information is aimed at informing the general public. The Town Accountant, selectmen have been emailed and the error fixed.

After getting the end of the fiscal year (2017) BvA, I checked the Town Vehicle Fuel account and by looking at the original appropriation from town meeting, then looking at the end of year BvA, I compared that information the the BvA documents received during the year, along with transfers from town meetings. I found the numbers did not match, as in the dollars did not add up. I did the math, sent emails to all selectmen and the town accountant and by the end of the day, the error was found. Received documentation shows a wrong number was hit while entering information (the wrong account number was used to record transfers)

This points out the need for Advisory doing what it does and has said for a long time, the Committee needs access to ALL financial information, just like the Templeton Town By-law states. This also points out the need for "checks and balances", in my opinion. This is not personal, rather it is a committee and it's members trying to ensure the Town's money is properly spent and properly recorded and is available for the public to see, as in reports of the business and doings of the Advisory Committee. If you cannot look at a record of financial transfers, how will you know what is what? How will you be able to look back and see what was done and how?

I believe this demonstrates that Templeton does have a pretty good Advisory Committee that ask alot of questions with regards to finance. (in my opinion) So Advisory Committee looked at the BvA (s), asked questions, asked for documentation (sometimes the committee was stonewalled by some, as in no electronic copies available) but in the end, Advisory Committee found an issue, "a member advised", and an error was found.

I believe this shows the need to have the Town budget completed as soon as possible. I believe the town (selectmen) should follow the municipal calendar per the DOR and per DOR recommendation, use it rather than invent their own schedule. They already have one that is provided by a state agency already paid for by way of state taxes. Selectmen should spend less time reading and worrying about criticism from a blog and pay more attention to town finance and oh yeah, Hire a full time Town Administrator like the Town's people told you to. Like the DOR told you to, like the Auditors told you to do, Get The Hint!

I understand little davey was fishing, trying to use some "super bait" but nothing was biting.
Again, an error was found because members of the Advisory Committee did what they are suppose to do, which is why, per Templeton By-Laws, when Advisory asks for financial information, they should get it and in a timely manner, as in all things financial, even department budget requests and get it electronically!

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posted by Jeff Bennett