Monday, April 3, 2017

While it may be news to some, this is not the Advisory Committee website and it has nothing to do with the Advisory Committee. It is a source of one Templeton resident's opinion (s). There is also information that is from various "official" sources. One of those sources being public records. If you wish to see the Advisory Committee page, you go to the Templeton Town website and look for it.

You can also find some town contracts, such as the police chiefs's contract, dispatch contract, and others. They are all there for anyone to see. I happen to post some of the content here and if anyone is not happy with that, well, I practice my free speech rights.

Advisory Committee has nothing to do with contract negotiations for the Town and since most if all negotiations by the town selectmen happen behind closed doors in executive session, so how or why would I or the Advisory Committee be there?

The Advisory Committee is charged with overseeing the Town reserve fund, looking at ALL things financial and giving an opinion or recommendation on ALL warrant articles for Town meeting, you can check the Town by-laws and please do.

Since the Town has to budget for labor contracts, that makes it a financial issue, at least in my opinion. Take the contract between the Town and local union 39, which covers the highway department. Right now there is one item, boot allowance, at $250.00 x 8 employees = $2,000.00. Now according to the contract, effective July 1, 2018, that allowance increases to $300.00 x 8 employees = $2400.00, so the financial obligation does change, even if the change is small.

Also in the contract there is a statement of the work day hours - 7:00 AM to 3:00 PM with 1 30 minute paid lunch break (at the work site) and two 15 minute breaks at the work site. That equals to a 7 hour work  day while being paid for 8 hours. In my opinion, that is important in regards to quite a bit of attention with the reduction in town office hours while the pay was not reduced. Seems like that is standard town practice.

Page 22 of said contract has one item: Training and educational assistance:
The Town considers employee development an integral part of each department head's responsibility. The objective of this policy is to provide each employee with long -term personal growth opportunities and the Town with qualified and promo-table individuals. Department heads may request approval of the Board of Selectmen or appointing authority to enroll employees in outside seminars and other educational programs designed to meet specific development objectives. All training programs are designed for immediate on-the-job applications and related costs are paid by the Town.

One last item is interesting: Conduct and Conditions
A. Standards of Conduct - Town employees shall avoid any action that might create the impression of using public office for private gain, giving preferential treatment to any person or losing impartiality in conducting themselves in a manner which in any way discredits the town, public officials or fellow employees.

If anyone wonders about Advisory Committee and it's business, please attend our meetings, usually on Wednesdays, at town hall conference room and between now and Town meeting, that will probably be every Wednesday night beginning at 6:00 PM.

posted by Jeff Bennett