Saturday, September 23, 2017

According to an article in the Gardner news, Templeton purchased two used stainless steel sanders. "Both sanders were already used for two years so the town was able to purchase them cheaper."

Highway director Alan Mayo stated in the article "switching from sand/salt to salt will save the town money, will translate into a more efficient crew by how it spends its time providing services to the town."

Hopefully that means no more busy work such as two plus months sweeping up sand. Mayo also stated the change would allow more time for paving and repairing roads. Also it seems a planned change from big ten wheel trucks to smaller, more versatile six wheel trucks is in the future.

Unfortunately, these types of things have been brought up before but were ignored or worked against because of the attitude of a highway superintendent and even some employees. It is good to see someone in charge actually has the Town's interest in mind, rather than the same old same old.

Heavy trucks use more fuel, too much of the employees time spent screening and hauling sand then having to clean it up in the spring, to include cleaning out drain basins. Again, Mayo repeated that a change would allow time to be better devoted  to road maintenance.

On that note, I think it is time for a cup of coffee, enjoyed with a smile, knowing someone who brought this up before was correct.