Sunday, April 29, 2018

They may call themselves the superior board, but they cannot make me serve past my appointed term, if at the end of said term, I no longer wish to serve.

Proposed Town by-law change:

Town Meeting Warrant, article 4 - Advisory Committee:

in part, reads: "Annual Town Meeting at which their successors are appointed, provided however, that, in the event of a failure to appoint a successor, members shall serve until their successor is appointed and duly qualified." 

This proposed Town by-law change is brought forward by the board of selectmen.

They could not make me resign and they sure as hell are not going to make me serve longer than my current appointed term, unless I choose request further appointment. If after three years,, I say I am done, I am done. No volunteers, sorry about that, but I am on my way.

If someone volunteers or agrees to stay longer, that is one thing, but selectmen thinking they can tell people they have to serve beyond their term, sorry, the Advisory Committee is not the military!

Question; if you force someone to continue to serve after their term is up, that means their sworn in time has expired, so how long will the Town Clerk be told to swear that person in for? Six months, one month, one year???? You can not really participate if you are not sworn in by the Town Clerk?

Remember also, taxpayers are spending money to codify the Town's general by-laws, so why not wait until that process is complete, have a Town Meeting to repeal in their entirety and then vote in the new codified Town General by-laws? I don't think the superior board put much thought into this evolution.

From the 2016 Westminster annual Town report, salary for cemetery supt. listed at $53,028.72.
FY 2019 DPW director - Templeton salary listed at $72,287.00, to look after cemetery, building & grounds and highway. Not sure what the fiscal year salary will be in Westminster for Cemetery, but I am thinking it is close to Templeton DPW director and a whole lot less stuff to deal with. Add to that, something you really enjoy doing. 

Again, good luck to Alan Mayo!

Now the question becomes, who will lead the new Templeton DPW? Will the selectmen find a manager or will they simply promote from within?