Sunday, August 26, 2018

So, the audits are coming, the audits are coming;

The audits are complete and now we have good numbers?

Now we have a good financial team in place?

Town Hall employees state that time could be better spent than answering resident questions on town finance and it is discouraging to have so many questions on town spending and on town financial records.

Town Administrator states a known incorrect number was written in on a document being used to obtain funding for a new sewer department pump station.

Questions being raised again on whether a town employee broke a contract or request for services into several parts, thus avoiding or breaking a Massachusetts General Law (c 30B) for which the town has already been shown to have done and had training from the MA inspector general's office.

As all of this is considered, the question (in my opinion) becomes has Templeton really made any progress or has it been one grand illusion?

On another front, a report out from MIT that devices, particularly cel phones and all those "apps" really do appear to be tracking and recording what we do on those phones.

Things like putting photos on the so called cloud, even if the photos are deleted from the phone and whether you are asked permission or not; those same apps even record key strokes and send this data out to whom ever is / will pay for it. Seems like the so called big brother is really watching and keeping track of all that we do. Does not seem like the people who report such things are really wacked out after all; they just may be ahead of the curve.